Guestmeter + Siteminder Integrations

Connect your Siteminder PMS account to automate sending guest satisfaction surveys via international SMS & E-mail after guest check-out.

Connect Siteminder & Guestmeter

Siteminder & Guestmeter native integration allows hotels, hostels and vacation rentals to automatically send guest satisfaction survey via international sms or e-mail and get guest feedback during the departure process.

Siteminder users who have already partnered with Guestmeter can follow the steps below to get immediate access to the integration;

How Guestmeter + Siteminder Integrations Work

Step 1: Go to Siteminder Activation Request Form page.

Step 2: Fill the form with your property details and choose Application Name field as Guestmeter.

Step 3: Siteminder team will share required technical information to Guestmeter to integrate your property.

For more detail check Siteminder Hotel App Store page or contact with Guestmeter team.

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