How It Works?

For example; if you refer a hotel that signs up for our Large Plan ($249 per month). If everything goes right, you get 12 payments of $249 x 10% making approx. $300 in total over the course of first year. If your referral hotel cancels monthly subscription after second month, you get only 2 payments of $249 x 10%.

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Terms & Conditions

  1. You're eligible for referral payments from all paying customers that register using your referral URL.
  2. You're eligible for 10% of the net revenue you bring to Guestmeter, meaning the revenue minus any payment transfer, processing and platform fees.
  3. These fees can vary from user to user according to your country.
  4. You're eligible for a referral payout after the end of a referred user's billing period.
  5. You're eligible for a payout only if your referral payment balance in your Guestmeter account exceeds $100.
  6. You're eligible for referral payments only for the each month paid since the referred user subscribe to a plan.
  7. Referral payments are paid out to a specified transfer to your IBAN Number with Transferwise. When you eligible our team will contact you to request your IBAN Number and payment method.
  8. You should not spam or engage in any evil activity that might hurt Guestmeter reputation.
  9. We reserve the right not to pay out referral funds if you breach these terms.
  10. We reserve the right to change these terms without prior notice.

Interested in Partnership Opportunities?

Guestmeter is a revolutionary solution for the hospitality sector, which will change the industry in near future. We believe we can grow faster if we join our knowledge, power, and experience with our partners.

Currently, we operate in the following countries; Netherlands, Turkey, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Spain, GCC (UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain). We continue to enlarge our partnership network and will operate in more countries soon.

You can become a partner with us to sell Guestmeter in your area.

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