Cruises E-mail Survey

With Guestmeter e-mail surveys for Cruise, you can collect more positive reviews to understand your guests. Collecting Cruise Guest Feedbacks is the best way to increase positive reviews to influence your rankings, and ultimately increase your revenue.

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Cruises E-mail Survey

Multi Channel Cruises E-mail Survey

Take advantage of the most advanced cruise guest satisfaction survey platform ever created. Engage guests and capture feedback at the point of experience on touch terminals and printable QR cards; or send guest satisfaction surveys via international SMS or E-mail.

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Engage with your guests and measure their satisfaction with Net Promoter Score® Surveys at every touchpoint.

If guest is happy, forward to write their positive feedbacks on online review sites to improve positive reviews.

If guest is unhappy, forward feedback directly to your guest experience managers to resolve the issue before guest publish negative reviews on online review sites.

Customer Success Stories - Guestmeter
Customer Success Stories - Guestmeter

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