Tours & Attractions E-mail Survey

With Guestmeter e-mail surveys for Tours & Attractions, you can collect more positive reviews to understand your guests. Collecting Tours & Attractions Guest Feedbacks is the best way to increase positive reviews to influence your rankings, and ultimately increase your revenue.

Tours & Attractions E-mail Survey

Contactless QR Survey For Tours & Attractions

Use Guestmeter automated printable QR Cards for your Tours & Attractions to capture direct feedbacks and guest e-mails at the point of experienc, resolve the guest concerns and prevent negative guest reviews.

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1- Send post-stay E-mail survey to guests or place contactless QR survey to your rooms/lobby to capture on-stay feedbacks.

2- Identify happy and unhappy guests and send them your management responses via e-mail.

3- Resolve guest concerns and reduce the risk of poor guest reviews.

Customer Success Stories - Guestmeter
Customer Success Stories - Guestmeter

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